Production Unlimited Group is a New York City based apparel, beauty, skin care and consumer goods based production management company. Production Unlimited Group oversees and manages the production and distribution for USA based apparel, beauty, skin care and consumer goods based brands.

Production Management For Series B-C Apparel &
Consumer Goods Brands

Brands Our Labs & Factories Produce For:


We have factories in the USA, China, Bangladesh and India. We coordinate the full production for our apparel and brand clients.


Our brand clients do +2B in annual sales across all sales social media platforms. We oversee the production and distribution of the goods online.


Production Unlimited Group is a New York Based apparel and beauty production management firm. We oversee the production and manufacturing of fashion and beauty brands. Production Unlimited Group manages multiple productions domestic and overseas. Production Unlimited Group works as the financial negotiating arm for many brands who are looking for partner with break into the market with new providers. We oversee drop-shipping, production coordinating and distribution. Production Unlimited Group as a portfolio of brands they oversee production order and oversee the fright and import export operations of the brands they work for.

Our Services


Manufacturing Management

Our team manages the creation of apparels from tech packs and digital CADs to Fabric sourcing and bulk production.

Drop shipping &

Private Label Management

We oversee the execution of product from best sellers that the retailer was selling before and can assist in perfecting the product for mass production


Product Manufacturing Management

We oversee and sample the bulk production of beauty products. Materials are included in the sampling and the per unit price

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